We missed you!

Vegan children’s comic, Marvellous Mildred episode 3, continues.

For the story so far, click here

Oh that is a relief! I hope they’ll all be safe now.

Come back soon to see what happens next!

If you like vegan children’s stories and comics, you’ve come to the right place. But you don’t have to be a child to read them, they are all delightful, thrilling or exciting no matter how old a vegan you are.

Vegan stories with vegan characters having vegan adventures.

What’s a vegan storybook? you may ask. Well, basically, it’s like any other storybook except the central characters – the heroes – are vegan 😀

How many times have you had your enjoyment of a good story spoilt when the heroes – the people you liked, the people you were rooting for – ate meat or went fishing or bought a leather jacket?

When these things happen in children’s stories they send a message – they tell the child that it’s okay to do these things. The good guys do it so it must be okay. It’s normal.

Well, vegan storybooks do not pretend it’s okay to use, abuse and consume animals. Vegan storybooks create a new normal.

So a vegan storybook is not necessarily about veganism. It is simply a story in which animal exploitation is not normalised.

If you browse the front page you will see we have all sorts of vegan children’s books.

There are picture books and rhyming stories for little ones – one about an alien visitor to Earth, another about making a birthday cake, another about two little pigs trying to get home, another about a panda trying to find the right food and, yes, one about what it means to be vegan. ❤

We have some exciting series of vegan adventure comics for readers aged 8 and up. For example, Reflecto Girl who holds an ancient magic mirror in front of wrong-doers to give them a taste of their own medicine. Venus Aqueous is a champion swimmer who develops the supernatural power to hear and understand the marine animals who call for her help. Megan & Flos are telepathic eco-warriors and one of them is not of this world. Sherman and Geynes are pretend detectives who investigate mysteries of their own invention. The English Family Anderson are a nomadic family who meet an angry ghost. And Marvellous Mildred and the Girl Scout Twins are fearless, and funny, animal rescuers.

For those who prefer their stories in prose we have the funny short stories of Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er – a rebellious eight year old boy who sticks up for animals at every opportunity, regardless of the trouble he gets into with parents and teachers. And there’s the thoughtful diary of a nine year old home-schooler.

There’s even a collection of fairy tales!

All our books are printed by lulu.com on demand to avoid waste, and the paper used is Forest Council Certified. None of the materials used for printing are animal by-products or animal-tested.

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do – you can read them all for free here at Violet’s Vegan Comics – and keep coming back because we’re adding more all the time. We just can’t help ourselves!

4 thoughts on “We missed you!

  1. Wow… i like the idea of not refering this blog to veganism only… im not a vegan , i dont even like the word but what i love and admire from this site is the love and passion for animals… I DO FEEL IT TOO..i was actually thinking about it this morning on a dog walk and….you see…sadlly there are LOTS of street dogs and also dogs that have a owner but don’t care ..and lots of litter everywhere, people just don’t care, Humans can be bad…. we need more humans that CARE for ALL creatures here on this beautiful planet that we are stupidly consuming!,,, (human race is not the only that matters, NO WAY!) what about ALL THE AMAZING animals , insects, spiders, fungi,all
    THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT! and part of us, us !!! I think this is a very creative tool to teach the world. Thanks for being behind the drawings and the cool words… all my love…from the other side of the globe.


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