Take a selfie for lobsters

Stop lobsters, crabs and other shellfish being boiled alive by uploading a selfie to show the government you support Crustacean Compassion’s campaign.

The government is still undecided about including crustaceans in the new Sentience Bill, so please, no matter where you’re from, upload a selfie to tell the British government to do the right thing. This is an opportunity we’ve never had before. Thanks to Crustacean Compassion we are closer than ever to getting some protection for these horrifically abused animals. Don’t let it slip through our fingers. Add your picture to Crustacean Compassion’s selfie wall now!

And don’t forget to share! ❤ xx

Thank you.


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5 thoughts on “Take a selfie for lobsters

  1. In my mind Boiling alive in water or oil, was used in the middle-ages as a” people punishments” so to think so called civilized people are still doing it, is obscene…….oh, no, wait a minute, people are still eating foie Gras, dogs, etc. and in my mind, it is all cruel and revolting, these so-called specialty dishes.

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