Greta Thunberg: action is the only thing to bring hope

Watch this.  Nothing could be more important.

Yesterday I heard a woman complaining at the checkout about how much she had to pay for plastic bags.  She complained but she didn’t act.  She didn’t make the effort to bring re-usable bags with her.  She was clueless.  I am daily flabbergasted at the cluelessness of so many people who blindly continue with their destructive habits in spite of the devastation they cause to the planet.  Do they think it’s not their problem?  Do they think the government will solve it?

This problem can only be solved by everybody.

7 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg: action is the only thing to bring hope

  1. From my perspective, Greta Thunberg (fellow vegan) is the person of the decade: what a great combination. The disconnects that people continue to make on the matter of convenience and ease as the ultimate and unquestioned goals of life drive me bonkers as well. I also do not see the choice of a vegan diet as any kind of solution in news stories that mention climate change as being the true emergency that it really is. Thanks so very much for Vegan Children’s Stories 🙂 🙂

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    • You mean news stories about climate change do not mention the vegan diet as a solution? I totally agree – they have a deliberate blind spot and it’s total madness! How can eating animal products be more important to people than saving the planet? Why are news outlets and politicians so afraid of broadcasting that truth?

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      • The blind spot already makes it possible to kill trillions of creatures by proxy but to never feel any complicity, to shrug and declare that it is one of those things that cannot be changed, that it comes with living at the top of the food chain… That it is simply out of the question. Trillion-dollar industries have too much at stake and that the shareholders would disapprove, that a breakthrough a day keeps the crisis at bay.

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