And Venus was having an equally unhappy time of it:

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aquarium diving volunteers

“Ok, well,” Carolyn smiled, “while we’re up here I want to show you the top of the tank where the divers, and the fish, go in.”

vegan comic at public aquarium

Venus could see and hear William’s distress.  She could only imagine the misery he went through every time he was transported from Scotland to the south coast and back again.  But she couldn’t help him.  Carolyn was soon ushering them on.

fish delivered to aquarium

When the fish container was pulled out of the lift, Carolyn, Katie and Venus descended to the viewing gallery:


to be continued ….


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10 thoughts on “And Venus was having an equally unhappy time of it:

  1. This is such a sadness. All the unhappiness and frightened fishes. 😦
    But Katie does make me laugh 🙂 I wonder what Venus will do to save the day? 🙂

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