98 seconds later …

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vegan comic for children

vegan comic for children

vegan comic for children


to be continued ….


Reflecto Girl episodes 1 to 4 are also available in paperback as Reflecto Girl Book 1 and Reflecto Girl and other stories.

vegan book for children vegan book for children

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18 thoughts on “98 seconds later …

  1. Ooh good going Reflecto girl and not so reflective boy – now, remember guys, have your excuses prepared: including:

    “Oh, really? I’m not allowed here? I didn’t see any sign.”
    “I can’t read, so signs do not affect me”
    “I have diplomatic immunity”
    “Don’t tell me what to do – this is a free country!”
    “I never saw any sign”
    “It’s against my beliefs to read signs”
    “I thought that sign was just for dogs.”
    “What sign?”

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  2. Yeah, you can’t let those no entry signs stop you. If they have to put up a fence to stop you getting in, it’s probably exactly where you should be. 😀
    Really enjoying the story, it is so colourful and funny 😀

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