98 seconds later …

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vegan comic for children

vegan comic for children

vegan comic for children


to be continued ….


Reflecto Girl episodes 1 to 4 are also available in paperback as Reflecto Girl Book 1 and Reflecto Girl and other stories.

vegan book for children vegan book for children

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Up before dawn …

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vegan comic for children

I was up before dawn on the morrow and found a strangled vixen outside my door, the poor wee lass was intended to teach me a lesson.  I knew they wouldn’t stop killing whatever I did so, for the sake of their future victims, I still had to try to save those I could.  Leaving Donnan at home to protect the others, I made my way to the Viscount’s estate and tried to scare as many grouse away as I could, before the “sport” began.  I saw his guests arriving and said a prayer for the innocents who would cross their paths.  I stayed out of sight and got ahead of them to the woods.

vegan comic for children

Such brave and noble men who would, five of them, gang up to slaughter a little bird.

vegan comic for children

I tried to stay out of sight whilst rushing to pick up the injured before their dogs got to them, but I’m sure it was inevitable that someone would see me.

“Miss Allaway, I thought my man had spoken to you about this.  Ah well, I suppose if you want something done right you have to do it yourself – isn’t that what they say?” The Viscount himself stood over me but I didn’t look up.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the bird whose tail had been clipped by a shot which almost missed him.  He was flapping and gasping and panicking.  I reached out to him as the Viscount spoke again.

“Miss Allaway, I see you cannot be reasoned with.”  I heard a click and that was it.  That was the end of me.

To be continued …

“The night before I died …”

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vegan comic for children

“The night before I died I was sitting at home by the fire, nursing a baby red grouse who had been orphaned by the Guns the week before.  My friends, Brighde the doe and her fawn, Beathag, were asleep on their blanket and Donnan, the collie, was taking a deep drink of water.  It was peaceful until Donnan suddenly stopped his lapping and turned to the door with ears pricked up, growling.  Then came three heavy thuds on the door.  I was afeared but Donnan was there.  I opened the door.”

vegan comic for children

“There stood the nasty gamekeeper and his henchmen, from the Viscount’s household.  I had had run-ins with him before when I put out his heather-fires or freed foxes and other souls from his evil traps and snares.  Donnan stood beside me, snarling at the keeper and the lads behind him who held shovels and sticks menacingly to intimidate me.  The keeper spoke low, his voice sounded cracked from too much smoke.  He told me that if I did not stay away from the grouse shoot on the morrow, and keep entirely away from the Viscount’s estate, it would not go well for me, or my friends, and with that he raised a stick as though it were a gun and aimed it at Donnan.  Donnan leapt at him and bit his leg hard.  The nasty man yelled and kicked my good boy off, shouting at me to “be warned!” as he limped away.”

To be continued …

COMING SOON: The English Family Anderson episode 3!

vegan children's story

Remember the home-schooling vegan self-sufficient family living in a bus?

Remember the dad got sacked for tossing the pheasant-shooters’ shotguns into wet cement?

Remember the court told him to pay for new guns and he said “NO!” and the whole family took to the road?

Remember the ghost?

If you don’t you’d better get on over here and read the first two episodes because episode 3 starts tomorrow and you’ll need to be all caught up 😉

Dastardly Plan

It’s ironic because it has happened during this story, but my hard-working laptop has finally given up the ghost.  Because of everything I am learning in the crafting of Venus’s latest adventure I am determined to keep my electricity consumption to an absolute minimum so will not replace the laptop.  Instead I am attempting to complete this story using my 7 inch tablet.  I cannot scan the paintings onto the tablet so I’m photographing them with it.  I cannot type words onto these photos so I am writing the words by hand directly on the pictures.  I hope you will therefore forgive the foggier-than-usual results and bear with me as I endeavour to do the best job I can with the least possible electricity 😀

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vegan comic for children

vegan comic for children

To be continued …

If you go down to the woods today …

Guntotin Goodfernuffink

To the tune of Teddy Bears’ Picnic, All together now 😉

If you go down to the woods today

You’d better not take your gun.

If you go down to the woods today

You won’t have your usual fun.


For there’s a girl, like no other was

Who’ll follow you there for certain because

Today’s the day Reflecto Girl

Gets some justice!

Reflecto Girl

Reflecto Girl #4: Guntotin Goodfernuffinks coming soon!

If you’ve never met Renée before, check out Reflecto Girl Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 for the story so far, they’re all on the ‘age 8 and up’ page 😀

Sherman & Geynes Episode 2 is here!

The wait is finally over.  See what these vegan sleuths have found out now.

Hold on to your hats – it could be dastardly!

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Click the pic for Episode 2: In the library with the elastic band.

Not familiar with Sherman and Geynes?  Pop over to the 5 years and up page for episode 1 😀

Introducing Miranda

Well, Miranda has always been here, she has always been an indispensable part of the Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics team but since she’s now set up a separate username we thought we’d better introduce her properly so that it won’t confuse anyone when they see a different gravatar coming from VVeC.  Violet’s Vegan Comics would be nothing without her, no one would know it existed, so it’s time she got the recognition she deserves 🙂

Please say hello to our Miranda Lemon!

Miranda Lemon: Chief Visionary Officer of Violet's Veg*n e-Comics

Miranda Lemon: Chief Visionary Officer of Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics