11 thoughts on “… The joy a cow experiences…

  1. This brings hope that even those committing these atrocities first hand can open their hearts and minds towards a compassionate life. Very touching to read, weeping for the animals everyday… . Vegan for 10 years now & proud! Thanks for sharing Violet. xxx


  2. Touching. Thanks for that. I am vegan for many reasons. But as an experiment I would like to raise my own christmas Turkey and document my emotions. I doubt I will find the heart to go through with it but who knows. Does this make me a terrible person for even trying? Probably!


      • Well I am mostly Vegan because of the way agriculture and the meat industry have ruined the land. I think small holding is acceptable. I eat eggs from my own hens. It’s condensed/misplaced nutrients that I find hard to accept. So I think if you have a small number of animals in a place that are looked after responsibly and people have a connection to the local environment then that is acceptable I would only eat meat if I could personally go through with killing it after raising it. So I want to know if it is something I can do. If I can’t then I clearly should never eat meat.


        • A plant based diet is healthier. But an occasional bit of sustainable meat is fine for me. I keep birds in care settings with older people as part of my job. So I am going to be keeping them anyway so why not eat the eggs. Also I don’t know why I feel I have to defend my choice.


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