Dastardly Plan

It’s ironic because it has happened during this story, but my hard-working laptop has finally given up the ghost.  Because of everything I am learning in the crafting of Venus’s latest adventure I am determined to keep my electricity consumption to an absolute minimum so will not replace the laptop.  Instead I am attempting to complete this story using my 7 inch tablet.  I cannot scan the paintings onto the tablet so I’m photographing them with it.  I cannot type words onto these photos so I am writing the words by hand directly on the pictures.  I hope you will therefore forgive the foggier-than-usual results and bear with me as I endeavour to do the best job I can with the least possible electricity 😀

For the story so far click here

vegan comic for children

vegan comic for children

To be continued …

24 thoughts on “Dastardly Plan

    • Thanks Adam, but I’ve been totally thrown by my discovery of how renewable energy is hurting the planet and the animals and really want to see how well I can manage without electricity as it seems there is no good way to get it. I hope there is already enough on the site for people to enjoy, and I will check messages and post once a week but, other than that, Miranda and I are having an electricity-free adventure/experiment (which we will write about). Stay in touch 😀

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      • I totally agree, We as a society really need to start taking responsibility for what We all do. And also to realise that everything We take for granted comes at a cost to others. I really admire all You and Miranda are doing. I’m Sad You won’t be Online for a while.(I’ve been considering doing the same thing)

        I will keep a look Out For You both Online. Perhaps I could Send You both a Card at some point, by Post ? (Is that environmentally sound ?)

        Much Love, Adam :O) Xx


    • Thank you so much. It’s the fan – stopped working so the pc keeps turning itself off. The laptop is very old so it’s one thing after another needing to be fixed, but after everything I’ve learned researching this story I’ve decided it’s time to unplug and I’m very excited about it 🙂

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      • oh, is that all? actually most laptops are supposed to work with passive cooling.. maybe the air vents are clogged.. try cleaning them up.. and a replacement fan should not cost much.. see if your friendly neighbourhood PC guy can fix it for you.. don’t get excited about it yet.. there are a few things you cannot do without a proper computer.. so see if you can get that done.. I assure you, it will not cost you much.. the laptop shuts down because it is overheating, that is all it is..


  1. Your efforts are good, Its pretty good to read , I don’t know if its my monitor but , on tab can do a bit of editing with editing apps like enhancing the , brightness and contrast, then again it could be my monitor . But over all things are looking good as usual . So keep it coming 🙂


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