What they don’t tell you at school about Leonardo da Vinci

And Pythagoras and Wilberforce are far from alone. Leonardo da Vinci was of the same brilliant point of view 😀

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Leonardo da Vinci

  • Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps best known as a painter, with his legendary works including the Mona Lisa, the Vitruvian Man and the Last Supper, among others.
  • Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t just an incredible artist, he was an inventor, scientist, mathematician, engineer, writer, musician and much more.
  • The Mona Lisa is perhaps the most well known painting in the world. It is a half-length portrait of a woman who, along with the composition, background and other details, has been the subject of much speculation and discussion. It is believed that Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa around 1503. It has been on permanent display at the Louvre Museum in Paris for over 200 years.

mona lisa


Leonardo da Vinci

We know this because Giuliano di Lorenzo de’ Medici (Leonardo’s patron for three years, from 1513…

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6 thoughts on “What they don’t tell you at school about Leonardo da Vinci

  1. Hi Violet, thanks for visiting my blog. I agree being vegetarian is good for one’s health. And raising animals in factory farms, under terrible conditions, is bad. But I would be careful about stretching it too far, and preventing people and animals who eat meat, from enjoying them. And destroy the environment, to create factories to extract ingredients for manufacturing fake meat. Just because we can’t see the hidden destruction that entails. Real animals serve an ecological purpose, even if they do often end up as someone or something else’s food.


  2. Aw, come on, now!! da Vinci too. What will you be telling us next? That even La Gioconda ate grass? 😀 (Hmm, come to think of it. You could possibly imagine her as a cow too. Someone must try that out… at least as a cartoon.. eh? hint, hint,….)

    Hey, just kidding.. .love your blog. 😀


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