Appreciate the little things

still have a hot cup of tea

‘Twas the night before the weekend,

And something was in the air.

His face looked concerned when he told me,

Though he tried to hide his despair.


“The internet’s stopped working!

I don’t know what to do!”

To ease his mind by distraction I said,

“The hot water’s stopped working too!”


He reached for my hand and squeezed it,

Breathed deep and smiled at me.

“At least after your cold shower,” he said,

“You can still have a hot cup of tea.”


[Inspired by an internet-free 3 days which turned out to be very liberating and enjoyable. Β Internet’s back but not the hot water – that’s ok, cold showers are very refreshing πŸ˜‰ ]

11 thoughts on “Appreciate the little things

      • Yeah – it’s a bit much. But when it’s 30+ out, humid and the ‘heat index’ is something 36 or more – it’s not too bad. Fortunately, a week ago Saturday was the end of summer. The worst, most-humid, miserable day. Everyone – and I mean everyone – was complaining. And I thought, “Well, this is it. Summer is over.” And, sure enough, it’s cooling. Relatively speaking.

        But, I grew up out west. I miss jackets and cool evenings and even a little bit of winter.

        Take care.


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