10 thoughts on “Keep it green!

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  2. Green manures are great for protecting the soil over winter ready to dig in the following Spring or if you have a piece of land you’re leaving fallow for a while. Well done Vladimir and Natalya! 🙂


    • Thanks Peggy. Quick question – I’ve read that I should dig in green manure before it flowers. Do you know why that is, if it’s absolutely necessary and does it apply to every type of green manure? Some of my mustard, buckwheat and phacelia is starting to flower and it looks so pretty, I hate to dig it in yet. Thanks for your advice Peggy, I know I should look it up myself – and will if necessary – but since you’re right there I might as well take advantage 😉


      • Hi Violet 🙂 I think the reasoning with green manures is that they are generally intended to decompose quickly in the soil when you dig them in – so younger plants are best for this before they grow tougher and flower. Also, if the green manure sets seed then the crop would be competing with the quick-growing green manure.
        Having said that, from what I’ve read, I think it is OK to let them flower and then dig them in before they seed – it would just take a bit longer for them to break down in the soil. You could always let a few plants set seed so you could harvest your own seeds too 🙂

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