34 thoughts on “EAT ORGANIC

  1. Gramps used DDT to kill bugs so he could have a better crops that helped the nation grow . We fed and feed more people that before. Now we have crop destruction for we are banned from using effective pest control and to clarify all food grown in the dirt is organic ……now what would one eat in the winter if we did not have the transport system that we have? Do you think they use more or less chemicals in South America and Mexico?


    • We can all only speak from our own experience. I have never felt better since insisting on only organic food and growing as much as I can for myself. I know there were reasons why chemicals began being used after the 2nd world war and the downside didn’t become apparent until decades later. Nevertheless that downside is serious and cannot be ignored. There is always a better way and working with nature instead of against it is the only way this world and its inhabitants are going to thrive in the long run.


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