Wetsox Puddlesplasher,

That is my name.

My job is important

But it feels like a game.


We clamber through ditches,

And sink in the mud.

We jump down from earth mounds

And land with a thud.


Soggybottom Puddlesplasher,

My close relation,

Is my partner at work,

This mucky vocation.


litter picking poem


litter picking poem


But that is no matter,

There’s no turning back.

We have to keep going,

And fill our sack,

With bottles and cans,

Some broken, some shredded,

That were dropped by the stupid,

The thoughtless, wrong-headed.


These everyday things,

Used once and tossed out,

Are dangerous now,

To the others about

Their business as usual,

Living their lives.

They step on a shredded can,

That cuts like knives.

They eat plastic pieces

Or cigarette butts,

Which hurt them as much,

As the broken glass cuts.


So our job is important

And we’ll always stay

Proud Puddlesplashers,

Day after day.

6 thoughts on “Puddlesplashers

  1. As I write it’s April 8th and we still have quite a bit of ice floating about Lake Michigan but my niece and I went down to the beach and walked the pier, splashing in melted pools and chipping away at the remaining ice shelves. Nice poem.


  2. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL…..I wish to add my thought about chewers of gums that throw thier chewed gums along paths, roads, and grass, birds peck the gum, which sticks to their beak, the end is nigh…!your posts are wonderful, I am new here, just 24 hours old! and am having a great time discovering many lovely bloggers.


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