click here for 'bones and teef' - picture story about calcium from plant foods


The Dairy Council’s working hard to convince us their product is healthy.

They say they they just want to help our kids to be athletic and lively.

But think before you drink, what is their real motivation?

Research. Look stuff up. The truth is a revelation.


Cows’ milk contains calcium but not for humans to digest,

So triggers joint pain, arthritis, asthma, problems of the chest,

Sleeplessness, itchy rashes, diabetes, ulcers,

Migraines, ear infections, epileptic seizures.


Humans don’t need cows’ milk, the idea is really nonsensical.

There’s plenty of calcium after all in broccoli, collard greens and kale.

It’s the Dairy Council themselves who “milk it for all it’s worth”,

But sensible people shake their heads and pull nutrition direct from the earth.

16 thoughts on “DAIRY NONSENSICAL

  1. I stopped drinking cow’s milk long ago for these very reasons. Almond milk is a great replacement and the stomach issues I used to have are gone. The people in my family think I’m nonsensical and will end up with osteoporosis… Maybe I should show them this poem!


  2. Why would you want to give your children something they ingest that is so unnatural and damaging to their health? Perhaps milk should carry the labelled ingredience: WARNING CONTAINS: SATURATED FAT, GROWTH HORMONES, OESTROGENS, ANTIBIOTICS, PUS CELLS. CONSUMING THIS PRODUCT CARRIES A HIGH RISK OF ALLERGIES, ASTHMA, ECZEMA, ANAEMIA, OSTEOPOROSIS, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, CANCERS ( THIS LIST IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE ). Well one can only hope. Will this Happen? Of course not, lets remember how rich , powerful and brainwashing these industries are: profit and greed prevail yet again and the immense suffering of wonderful sentient beings goes on…..


    • There’s a lot more to it than that. We all grow up thinking that cows’ milk is good for us – because that’s what they tell us – but how can it be natural to drink another species’ milk? All mammals produce milk that is perfectly suited to their own offspring – cows are no different, and nor are humans. But once we’re weaned it’s not natural to continue to drink milk – especially not that of another species. Therefore it is only common sense to realise that we are meant to get our nutrition from other sources.


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