Like any other mother


I’m tired, my knees ache, I have sore feet,

My belly is heavy with child inside.

Head is aching from the blistering heat,

What’s coming is worse, I’m desperate to hide.


Last year I cheerfully bore my first child,

All the discomfort and pain were worth it.

My love for him instant, instinctive, wild,

Overwhelmed me, the light in my heart lit.


I washed him and nursed him, my suckling angel,

My purpose in life was now clear to me –

To love him, protect him and teach him well.

Like any other mother I would be.


The sun set that day and the bright moon rose,

And we spent a blissful night together.

Brief nirvana before that bitter dose,

When hell swallowed me whole, meat and leather.


At dawn I heard their heavy stomping feet,

They approached us as I was feeding him.

Without shame they just pulled him off the teat,

I jumped and bellowed but couldn’t stop them.


I suppose I went out that day and grazed,

My anguish unheard, unnoticed even.

Like the others I stood, I laid down, dazed.

Can’t comprehend, can’t believe. I’m broken.


Now aching with the weight of my udder,

Infection inflames, I wince when they suck the

Milk from my teats, by machine, I shudder.

Bereft of my child, enslaved non-mother.

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Go Vegan to keep mother and child together!

And look atΒ Where are you going Deidra?Β – it’s got a happy ending πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Like any other mother

  1. The suffering and the vast numbers over all these hundreds of years are overwhelming. Each vegan meal sort of lifts some of the weight of it all off our shoulders so that we can stay relatively positive and keep on keeping on. Thank you so much for sharing that one mother’s story which represents all of those beautiful gentle creatures’ experiences under people’s dimwitted and habitual heartlessness. I’ll share on Google+.


  2. Read beachcomber, this one and a couple of others. Like, not only your poetry, but the whole site. I will be following you.
    I want to thank you for letting me know you liked my post – More Mud Puddle fun. – Thanks again and Aloha – pjs.


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