Where are you going Deidra? – In Rhyme

rhyming children's story(for original non-rhyming, comicbook version, click here 🙂 )

rhyming children's story

Once there was a dairy farm

With fifty lovely cows.

Most of them were black and white

But some of them were brown.

rhyming children's story

One of the brown cows, Deidra,

Had something on her mind.

She wouldn’t tell her friends what it was,

And left them all behind.

rhyming children's story

On Mondays and on Tuesdays

She walked away from the rest.

She refused to tell them where she went,

Even if they guessed.

rhyming children's story

On Wednesday rabbits asked her

“Where do you go?”

“Are you leaving to never come back?”

And Deidra just said “no.”

rhyming children's story

On Thursday she passed a robin

Who called to her from behind,

“Where are you going Deidra?”

And Deidra said “Never you mind!”

rhyming children's story

The farmer saw she was missing

And wondered where she’d gone.

He didn’t know what her name was but

Knew he was short a brown one.

rhyming children's story

Deidra was hurrying back home,

She didn’t want farmer to know,

And because she was in such a terrible rush

She nearly trod on hedgehog’s toe.

rhyming children's story

And every day by milking time

Deidra was back in the line.

When the farmer counted his fifty cows

He thought everything was fine.

rhyming children's story

But on Friday Deidra was off again,

Away and out of sight.

rhyming children's story

No one knew where on Earth she’d gone,

Though they looked for her left and right.

rhyming children's story

And while they looked without finding,

Deidra had reached the gate.

It was closed but that wouldn’t stop her,

She couldn’t afford to wait.

rhyming children's story

Deidra had always been thoughtful,

With a clever mind of her own.

She’d watched before when they’d opened the gate,

Now she did it like she’d been shown.

rhyming children's story

Oh yes she did!

rhyming children's story

Still she was in a hurry,

There was no time to waste.

rhyming children's story

Not knowing someone was watching her go,

She crossed the field with haste.

rhyming children's story

The child was concerned about Deidra

And rode her bike to the farm,

rhyming children's story

She told the farmer his brown cow was lost,

Her voice was shrill with alarm.

rhyming children's story

She told him she would show him

Where she’d seen the brown cow.

He thanked her kindly and followed,

Though his walk was rather slow.

rhyming children's story

Finally they got there,

To the place the child had seen

A lone brown cow called Deidra

Walk to a distant line of trees.

rhyming children's story

The farmer crossed the distance

With his magnifying bins.

“Yes, I can, I can see her!” he said,

“She is hiding, of all things!”

rhyming children's story

“But why would she be hiding?”

The child couldn’t help asking.

“I really don’t know,” the farmer replied,

And then they walked, quietly, thinking.

rhyming children's story

All of a sudden, Deidra emerged

Rustling out of the background.

“There she is!” the little girl cried,

“I bet she’s glad she was found.”

rhyming children's story

The farmer stroked her and smiled,

While Deidra desperately hoped.

rhyming children's story

But her hopes were dashed in a moment,

Her cherished secret exposed.

rhyming children's story

“A calf!” the little girl squealed,

“The brown cow must be his mum.

But why would she hide him way down here?

She really is a strange one.”

rhyming children's story

The farmer looked on in amazement

As he realised what Deidra had done.

“She hid him here to keep him from me,

She didn’t want to lose another one.”

rhyming children's story

“You wouldn’t do that would you?

Take a baby from his mum?”

The shocked little girl asked the farmer,

He nodded “That’s life on a dairy farm.”

rhyming children's story

“The cows have to have babies

In order to make the milk, so

That I can sell it to people

Which means the calves have to go.”

rhyming children's story

“But the mummy really loves him,”

The teary child tried to explain,

“Please oh please don’t separate them.”

“No,” he said, “Never again.”

rhyming children's story

And the farmer kept his promise,

Became vegan and turned his farm

Into a sanctuary home for his cows,

Who kept their calves free from harm.

rhyming children's story

Then when anyone asked where Deidra went,

She answered honest and true,

“I’m going for a walk with my beautiful boy,

See you later, toodle-oo.”


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12 thoughts on “Where are you going Deidra? – In Rhyme

  1. “I like love this story and I will read it to my kids when I am big” Annie, 5 years old. 😂💕❤️
    “I loved Diedra and I cried at the end full of happiness that the farmer did the vegan thing so the cows could keep their kids. ” Ollie, 9 years old.😂❤️👍

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I love Deidra and this always brings a tear to my eye for all those suffering mamas and babies. A beautiful story that makes us wish society advanced once and for all into humane ways. Lovely illustrations conveying the sweetness and brightness of our bovine friends, their extraordinary nature persistently denied for human gain. Thank you for inspiring the young generation into compassion.


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