8 and up!

Here is our selection of vegan stories for children aged 8 to 108.  Each picture below will link you to at least one story, but often it is a series.  There are vegan comics and vegan juvenile fiction (that is, the heroes in these stories are vegan).  There’s some exciting and funny stuff here – read on! 😀

Scroll down and choose a comic, story or series of stories (most of these links have lots of episodes behind them).  Pick and click 😀 

   vegan comic for kids

  vegan comic for children

Venus Aqueous title 


 vegan science fiction 


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18 thoughts on “8 and up!

  1. Our daughter has been getting a lot of inspiration from your blog recently as she is getting into making her own comics using Storyboard That. She hopes to have her own blog (Kreative Kastle) up and going soon to share her work 🙂


  2. What talent you possess! I love your use of color, the whimsical drawings, that you’ve come up with the brilliant idea of teaching/reaching children of different age groups about compassion, empathy, peace without talking down to them. Kids seem to grasp the idea of veganism, the reasons behind it, the benefits…of course they’ve not grown up with TV, parents, school, etc., teaching them animal protein is best, milk does a body good, blah, blah, blah…


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