Venus Aqueous #2: Priorities

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Venus Aqueous:  Beginnings – the first four episodes

The first four episodes

copyright 2013


Venus Aqueous is a vegan comic for children made by Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics

Copyright 2013


Created with Comic Life by Plasq

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24 thoughts on “Venus Aqueous #2: Priorities

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  2. I love these Venus stories! I only just discovered your website, and reading the new Venus story attracted my attention. So glad there are more stories to read! These are great! It is brilliant because it is very good for feminism – the female is no longer the helpless, she is the hero, and she shows the world a new level of compassion and care, drawing our attention to the ones who need help. And very fun and exciting too 😀

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  3. I love Venus’s sense of conviction. She knows what is the right thing to do and she follows it, and she doesn’t worry that her friends will be angry, because making a race is not as important as saving lives, and most people will not always see that, but Venus is special.

    I think these stories are wonderful.

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