Last but not least … the Megan & Flos Diary winner:

The winner of the Megan & Flos Diary [for any year] is Annette Rochelle Aben!  Congratulations Annette, email me your address or use the Contact Form and I’ll get that off to you as soon as possible 😀

Have a lovely day 😀


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Luke’s Secret Sersiety Notebook Winners!

We are delighted to announce there are two winners of Luke Walker’s Privut Notebook and they are …vegan book for children

Karen Gadient and Hit and Run 1964 (aka Gigi)

Congratulations guys 😀 thank you for entering 😉

email me at with your addresses and I will get those off to you asap 😀


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The Third and Final Giveaway: The Megan & Flos Diary

We have one copy of The Megan & Flos Diary: For Any Year to give away so if you want it, just let me know.  The draw is on Friday 🙂  If you win, this is what you’ll get:

There’s somewhere to write your information;

there’s somewhere to make a note of web addresses that you don’t want to forget;

there’s stuff about our solar system

there’s stuff about Flos’s planet’s solar system, as well as a brief history of Summum and the Summum Esse;

And there’s two days to a page for you to write a brief journal or record appointments.

Plus there’s an illustration and quote from the Megan & Flos comics at the end of every month.

So there you have it.  If you want it, let me know in the next 48 hours 😀

NB don’t be put off by the darkness of the photos, the pages are bright and cream 🙂


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We interrupt this story to bring you: FREE BOOKS

vegan book for children

Just wanted to let you know that we are giving away ten copies of Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er on Goodreads.

The adventures of Luke Walker begin with the first two episodes in comic-book style right here on the 5 and up page, but the book is, for a change, written in prose.  It contains the first eight short stories.  Luke is an eight year old boy who, after noticing what a raw deal animals have, has decided to become vegetarian – much to his parents dismay.  He is outspoken, full of righteous anger and is not afraid to do what needs to be done, despite lack of support from the grown-ups around him.  He is a vegan ‘Just William’.  I hope you will find Luke’s first eight adventures entertaining – I had a lot of fun writing them.

The giveaway ends on the 11 June so if you want a free, signed copy you’ve got just over two days to enter (you’ll have to sign up with Goodreads but that’s quick and easy and free to do). 681 people have entered so far.

ps: I don’t know whether this will always be the case but I noticed that with the other Goodreads giveaways we’ve done, the winner was always someone who entered on the last day 😉

This Week’s Giveaway: Maddicts

vegan graphic novel

This week’s giveaway is a copy of Maddicts and you’ve got until Friday to enter.

Maddicts is not for young children.  We don’t recommend it for under 12s.  It’s a vegan graphic novel; a dark satire; a piece of self-indulgent wishful thinking (on my part); it is humorous speculation about what might happen if the natural world fought back and all the animals simultaneously turned on their oppressors and escaped.

Of course you are free to read it in full here, but if you’d like your own copy, comment on this post and your name will be entered into Friday’s draw.

The clock is ticking my friends.  Good luck 😀