In loving memory

Raystede staff on the ground are doing a fantastic job – the trustees on the other hand, continue with their cruel betrayal.

Make Raystede Vegan

2022 – this year’s “free range, high welfare” dairy babies

dairy babies taken from their mothers

We will not forget. We do not forget that millions of babies like these are born to be killed every year. Just so that humans can drink their mothers’ milk and make it into ice cream and cheese and yogurt. For these unnecessary things, these babies were born and will die. Unnecessary suffering caused by Raystede.

Earlier this year I happened to be walking in this field before there were any animals in it, and I heard one of their mothers crying out. A pitiful, heart-breaking bellow reached me from the unseen farm, maybe half a mile away. Her cry was repeated, over and over, and I knew they must have just taken her baby.

I walked all the way home, another mile or more in the opposite direction, and I could still hear her as I turned the key…

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