Get caught reading vegan storybooks

Did you know that May is Get Caught Reading month? Reading is a great way to relax, to take your mind off whatever’s worrying you, or to lose yourself in adventure without leaving your armchair, deckchair or bathtub. I mean, one of the joys of reading is that you can do it pretty much anywhere, no power source required. Well, we’ve got a lot of reading suggestions for you.

vegan children's books

If you’re looking for comics and stories of adventure, or ghost stories or fairy tales or hilarious naughtiness, we’ve got you covered! On the other hand, maybe you’d like the picture book about an alien with a funny name, or the one about a furry friend who bakes a cake, or the one about two little piglets on the run. Look no further – we’ve got the best selection of vegan-friendly storybooks around!

vegan comics

Even the seagulls love our books! 😀


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Violet’s Vegan Comics – creating funny, enlightening and sometimes action-packed vegan storybooks for readers of all ages, since 2012

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