Sweets for the Season? Consider the Source

Feeling chocolatey? Make sure you choose a good one! 😀 (https://foodispower.org/chocolate-list/)

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SoNestlé is wooing veganswith dairy-free versions of coffee creamers, ice creams, and Kit Kat bars. PETA says it’sexcitedabout such products. Yet the very point of veganism, asdefinedby its originators, is to grow an anti-exploitation movement in “historical continuity with the movement that set free the human slaves.”

What’s the point of Nestlé’s few token vegan labels if the company relies on human trafficking for its cocoa? How can Hershey have the gall to sell their barkTHINS® with fair-trade labels when a rising number of youths are doing dangerous work on cocoa plantations to cater to their company?

Today, 1.56 million children are harvesting beans on cocoa plantations of Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana, the origin of more than 70% of the cocoa sold by big brands. Local traditions in which youths move among extended family circles have been exploited to facilitate human trafficking. And the…

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