The time is NOW!

A message from Crustacean Compassion:

We wanted to provide a quick update on the Sentience Bill ahead of today’s debate. This afternoon at 14:30, the House of Lords grand committee meet for the second time this month to continue reviewing suggested amendments to the bill.  

Two particularly important amendments being debated today are calling for invertebrates, like crabs and lobsters, to be included in the bill. If the Lords agree that these amendments should be made, then we’re a big step closer to getting these animals protected! 

At the time of critical debates such as this, it is essential to show how much support there is for this issue! Make sure to show your support today by completing our two actions. They only take a few minutes and make a massive difference: 

(1) Add your photo or video to our selfie wall #SelfiesForSentience  (you don’t have to live in the UK to do this!)

(2) Write to your MP to keep this issue top of the agenda    

Don’t forget to share on social media too so others can take part!  

The debate can be watched on Parliament TV here. You can read the two amendments tabled to include decapod crustaceans via the links below: 

1. Amendment made by Baroness Hayman of Ullock 

2. Amendment made by Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb  

Be a voice (and a face!) for these animals…

Join our Selfie Wall now and ask your MP to speak out for decapod crustaceans. Please don’t let these animals be ‘forgotten’ in the Sentience Bill! 

Thank you so much.



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5 thoughts on “The time is NOW!

  1. I had signed it. I’ve never eaten lobster, squid, octopus, and eel. I don’t like crabs and shrimp. Ever since I found out that shrimp are cousins to cockroaches and they are both arthropods.
    The only seafood I eat is organic fish and tuna.

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