Another year, another bunch of babies

Love ALL animals

Make Raystede Vegan

I said I would do this every year until Raystede went vegan, but last year I didn’t because it was lockdown, Raystede was closed to the public, and I thought I’d give them some breathing space in the hope that they’d come to their senses. Sadly they haven’t so we begin again.

I promised to publish photos of dairy babies every year for the duration of this campaign because these gentle souls are usually forgotten in the consumption of milk, butter, cheese and ice cream. They deserve to be remembered.

These adorable tots have only been in this field for a few days now but they might remain here for a few months. The ones from last year did. And the ones before that. And the ones before that. Their brief motherless lives will end after that, unless they’re female and required by the farmer to provide milk like their…

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15 thoughts on “Another year, another bunch of babies

  1. Yeah, I hit send and then realized that I didn’t formulate my answer correctly and it seemed like I was talking about the Raystede place, when I was referring to another part of your post. and then I was like “maybe I could message her to take it down so that I could write it better” and then I forgot.

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  2. Learning about what went on in the dairy industry was what ultimately made me become a vegan. There’s no need to consume dairy products when plant-based products taste just as good and don’t cost innocent animals their freedom and life.

    Thank you for bringing awareness to this. I’ll certainly write to the company and encourage them to switch to cruelty-free options. (Nadamoo’s mint chocolate chip is my fav BTW.)

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