Don’t miss the recent Redfin article: “21 Beginner Tips for a Vegan House in 2021”

Last week, or the week before, I got an email from a lovely lady called Alison who works at REDFIN (an Estate Agent) in Seattle. She said she wanted to do a blog post filled with beginner tips for how to make your home vegan, and wanted us to join in. We were delighted to help and if you read her post you’ll see that the best tip (number 7) comes from Violet’s Vegan Comics! 😉 I also suggested another tip about wearing an extra jumper so you can turn your thermostat down, but I guess she didn’t have room for that 😀

NB: Not all vegans live in a house like this. Some of us live in a caravan!

By Alison Bentley of REDFIN:

“The beginning of every year is filled with New Year’s resolutions- whether that’s planning to clean your home more, make your home more sustainable, or deciding to go vegan. Every year more and more people take steps to live a more vegan lifestyle. But for many, becoming vegan can be tough to follow through with, and people often give up a couple weeks in. To help make living a vegan lifestyle easier, we’ve reached out to experts from Atlanta, GA to those living in Phoenix, AZ [and the UK (us!)] to share their best beginner tips on how to create a vegan house. From pantry essentials to fabrics and cleaning products to avoid, these 21 tips will help you transition your home to one that’s more vegan-friendly in 2021.” Read on …

21 Beginner Tips for a Vegan House in 2021

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