Visual Storyteller, Claudia Hirschberger, Awarded In The Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest

Read about Claudia Hirschberger, winner of second prize in the Share Your Veganism competition – but I don’t recommend reading it when you’re hungry 😉

Share Your Veganism

“I believe that we can change the world with just a meal: It’s our daily routines where we create sense, and it’s our everyday life’s where all the magic happens. If we smell a mushroom’s earthy flavor or carefully watch our rice pudding simmering slowly on the stove, we might feel inspired to take care of ourselves and of nature, and maybe even to make better choices.”
Claudia Hirschberger, Food With A View, Berlin Germany


Mindful Cooking with Claudia Hirschberger, 2nd place prize winner in the Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest.

Apart from philosophy and psychology, mindful cooking, as explained by Claudia Hirschberger, has much to do with the cycle of nature and seasons that we are a part of. From wild herbs and edible blossoms in spring to late berries and nuts in autumn, the treasures of urban greens are Claudia’s way to connect…

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