Megan & Flos: Beginnings

Megan & Flos: Beginnings – the first five episodes, plus puzzle page and solar system facts – all for only £4! (even less if you take advantage of the 15% off which expires tomorrow!) 😀

Little Chicken Vegan Storybooks

Megan went to the library to borrow a book she’d been waiting for, and thought it was going to be just an ordinary Saturday. Little did she know that on her way home she would meet someone who would change her life forever.

Flos is a Summum Esse – that is, she’s a visitor from the planet Summum: a supreme aquatic being. Being telepathic she knows right away that she can trust Megan and when she asks for her help it is the beginning of a devoted friendship.

This is the first five episodes of their adventures together.

They are very clever; they are very determined; they are very compassionate. They are eco-warriors like no other.

Megan & Flos: Beginnings is a bright, colourful, imaginative, old-fashioned children’s adventure comic, complete with puzzle page and facts about our solar system and Flos’s. Suitable for readers aged 8 and up.

Format: Paperback…

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