Grandpa Wollemi’s Birthday

Little Chicken Vegan Storybooks

Everyone is excited because it’s Grandpa Wollemi’s birthday but Cedro is a little worried. Kauri and Myrtle have spent days making special presents for Grandpa but Cedro isn’t very good at arts and crafts so he doesn’t have anything to give.

Luckily he realises just in time that he can make Grandpa a birthday cake. This story explains how he does it. A happy vegan picture book, colourfully illustrated in naïve style, with simple vegan cake recipe included. Suitable for reading with little ones.

Format: Paperback 53 pages, colour interior, dimensions: Square (8.5 x 8.5 in / 216 x 216 mm), vegan children’s book suitable for reading with children aged four and up.

£4.00 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer


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