Megan & Flos #6: CORRUPTION

Look – a real comic!!! 😀

Vegan Books For Children

Megan & Flos episode 6 is out now in paperback!

Something dodgy is going on at the local animal sanctuary, and if Megan and friends don’t put a stop to it, the consequences will be dire 😮

As soon as Megan returns home from her adventures in space in episode 5, she receives a message from her friend Frances, telling her all is not well at the animal sanctuary where she volunteers. Megan’s skills as an investigator are again put to the test and this time she’s investigating corruption at the highest level of management. Will she be able to find out the real reason for the sanctuary boss’s unfathomable course of action?  With Flos’s help, you bet she will!  Colourful and exciting adventure as always – and there’s wordsearch at the end!  What more could you want? 😉

Read it here first if you’d like 🙂

Megan &…

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