Stop Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare killing animals for their cafe

Make Raystede Vegan

Harold Brown - Peaceable Kingdom

Raystede, described on its website as a “leading Centre for Animal Welfare”, justifies the selling of animal products in its cafe with the claim that they source “any meat and dairy from local, high welfare farming systems.”  But can meat and dairy really ever be humane?  Someone who should know the answer to that question is former cattle farmer, Harold Brown.  The following is an excerpt from his essay on the Humane Myth website:

“I was born on an independent family cattle farm in south central Michigan, and I have spent over half of my life in agriculture. I started out as any farm kid does who has grown up around animals. There was an indoctrination involved as to how I should relate to farm animals. My indoctrination started with my parents, then family, then community, our church, 4-H, FFA, a land-grant college, and finally, the reinforcement of…

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