Plastic Free Easter Eggs

Here is a scrummy Easter Egg which ticks all the right boxes:




And it’s not wrapped in plastic!!! πŸ˜€

Just a cardboard box with a delicious, foil-wrapped, chocolate egg inside.Β  Remember when they were all like that?Β  Not so long ago.

It just goes to show, there’s no need to contaminate the planet, milk a cow or enslave a child to enjoy a yummy Easter egg πŸ˜€

Get over to Holland & Barrett for yours! πŸ˜€

Yum πŸ˜€


23 thoughts on “Plastic Free Easter Eggs

    • Hi Annette, thank you for asking. The Food Empowerment Project is better at explaining this than me (link in our sidebar to their ethical chocolate list). They explain: “Western African countries, mostly Ghana and the Ivory Coast, supply more than 70% of the world’s cocoa. The cocoa they grow and harvest is sold to a majority of chocolate companies, including the largest in the world. In recent years, a handful of organizations and journalists have exposed the widespread use of child labor, and in some cases slavery, on cocoa farms in Western Africa. Since then, the industry has become increasingly secretive, making it difficult for reporters to not only access farms where human rights violations still occur, but to then disseminate this information to the public. In 2004, the Ivorian First Lady’s entourage allegedly kidnapped and killed a journalist reporting on government corruption in its profitable cocoa industry. In 2010, Ivorian government authorities detained three newspaper journalists after they published an article exposing government corruption in the cocoa sector. The farms of Western Africa supply cocoa to international giants such as Hershey’s, Mars, and NestlΓ©β€”revealing the industry’s direct connection to the worst forms of child labor, human trafficking, and slavery.” Go to the FEP website for more information:
      Hope this helps πŸ™‚


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