Fan fiction

More fan fiction! Such fun!!! This is an especially scary episode of Reflecto Girl – click to the original post so you don’t miss any of it ๐Ÿ˜€


Hello, and welcome to the second story in our fan fiction series, inspired by the comics of Violet Plum, of Violetโ€™s Veg*n e-Comics, Reflecto Girl, Venus Aqueous and Megan and Flos in particular.

All art work is by the three prodigies, Orangie Toast,Marmaduke Tomato and Samantha Tuttie-Sootie-Cherry Cake. ย Also the story is all dictated by the same three. ย I am simply a simple typist.

One day Renee was getting ready to go out and fight crime.

She liked fighting crime as much as anything else you can do โ€“ it was a satisfying thing to do.

She was nearly ready when something came out of nowhere to surprise her!

She knew that as soon as she saw it it must be the magic of an evil villain, sworn to come and get her, and steal her mirror from her to stop her from saving the helpless.


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