Once upon a time

I’m so excited that we have fan fiction!!!! Look at this gorgeous Venus Aqueous story and artwork 😀

You MUST go over there and read the whole story!!! 😀


Hello, and welcome to our fan fiction series, inspired by the comics of Violet Plum, of Violet’s Veg*n e-Comics, Reflecto Girl, Venus Aqueous and Megan and Flos in particular.

All art work is by the three prodigies, Orangie Toast,Marmaduke Tomato and Samantha Tuttie-Sootie-Cherry Cake.  Also the story is all dictated by the same three.  I am just a simple typist.

One day, Venus was scuba diving and rescuing fishes from litter in the sea and in the ocean, around the coast of Florida.  She was on holiday, but she always saved animals, even on holiday.  She was having a happy holiday because she was taking a rest after all her good deeds.  But a superhero’s job is never done.  But that’s ok, because she liked her job.

She loved to meet every fish.

A fish called Tula said

“Hello, I am a stripy fish, and my family…

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