Upstairs and downstairs

For the story so far click here 🙂



And downstairs:

to be continued …


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19 thoughts on “Upstairs and downstairs

  1. See, this is why they should have started a real fire. They should have had someone at the door, blocking the entrances. They’ll know better next time. It’s a rookie mistake. Always use real fire 🙂

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  2. Oh shoot, this just got real.
    (it was already very real, that’s just something I’ve heard people say, but I’m a little self conscious of it, so I thought I would add this little explanatory note.) 😀

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  3. Well, well, well, how is she going to get out of this one? She could say that she was concerned for the fishes safety. I think that they really should have an evacuation plan for the fishes – if the whole place burned to the ground, the glass tanks would break or melt, or shatter, or the water would heat up. Any which way, the fish would be in trouble, so I think, you know, she could say that. That could be her story. Plausible… ?

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