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aquarium heist

vegan comic for children

fish purchase invoice

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vegan comic for children

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to be continued … 🙂


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29 thoughts on “Adi

  1. We are all in shock and full of words over this – the children are all very vocal on the fact that you can’t “buy” or “sell” fishes from the sea, because they are not yours or anybody’s to buy or sell. They are themselves, just as everybody is. (I paraphrase, because there was a lot of talking!)
    Well done Adi!!

    We couldn’t find a good gif for this sentiment, so we found one which we think says “love and peace”.

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  2. It’s unbelievable how pleased with themselves they are when they are so corruptly betraying the cause they claim to protect. Everything they are is the opposite of what they say they are trying to do. It’s madness. It’s like a bad dream. It makes you want to pinch yourself and wake up.

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  3. That’s terrible. I don’t think people would want to go to these places if they knew where the fishes come from. I guess we don’t think much about where they come from. But aquariums obviously shouldn’t have alliances with the fish-murdering industry, that’s so warped and despicable. The people who work for the preservation of the sea creatures should work against fishermen.

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