Hopelessness, Barack Obama and A Boy Who Would Be A Vet


Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Oftentimes it all seems hopeless and not in the slightest worthwhile.

blog-hopelessness Shoes outside the two room home for 15

Sometimes I want to give up.

melancholy GIVING UP

Oftentimes I pass the lady in the street shuffling on her hands with the stumps of her thighs dragging in the dust behind and I want to cry in frustration.

Sometimes I get angry, emotions boiling up inside me at the injustices.


Oftentimes I despair as I know that I have failed to do enough for a particular family or child.

blog-3 1st year Secondary – 2 of them are now denied the right to sit their O Level exams this year

Sometimes I lay awake in my bed and feel more alone than any one person could possibly be.

Oftentimes I have a blue day.

disappointment after anger BLUE DAYS

But then…

A chance encounter on the street, I…

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4 thoughts on “Hopelessness, Barack Obama and A Boy Who Would Be A Vet

  1. Thank you for the re blog and I hope your readers enjoy and can relate to the tale. You are 100% right about the way life always throws something at us to pick us up when we are down and so many times it is the small things that matter most. Happy Monday my friends xxx


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