“What shall I give to Grandpa?”

“What shall I give to Grandpa?” Cedro asked Kauri.

“It’s up to you,” said Kauri, unhelpfully, “think of something Grandpa likes.”

vegan children's story

“What do you think he would like from me?” Cedro asked Myrtle.

“That’s not for me to say,” said Myrtle, unhelpfully, “what do you think?”

vegan children's story

“He likes knitting,” Cedro thought, “maybe he’d like some yarn, or a new pattern.  But those things cost money.”

vegan children's story

Cedro didn’t have any money.

Cedro thought again.

“He likes gardening, maybe he’d like some new seeds.”

vegan children's story

But seeds cost money.

“He likes playing with his train set, maybe he’d like a new engine.”

vegan children's story

But new engines cost money.


continues tomorrow 🙂

but if you don’t want to wait you can read the whole story here


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6 thoughts on ““What shall I give to Grandpa?”

  1. We couldn’t find a good enough picture with “I don’t know” written on it, but we found this, and thought it seemed to work. 😀 This is a great story we are all enjoying it. 🙂

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