That boy!

Continued from yesterday:


Dad burst into Nan’s house trembling, half with anger, half with fear.

“That boy!” he said.

“What?” said Mum and Nan with alarm.

“They’ve gone!  They’re not there!  No sign of them on the putting green and the Keeper says they haven’t returned the gear.  I’ve been all over the park – the toilets, the cafe, the tennis courts, the gardens. They’re not in the park!”

“Call the police!” said Nan.


“We need a policeman!” said Luke, triumphantly pointing to the police car at the end of the street.

police car

Joe’s face flooded with relief and the two of them rushed towards it.  The windows were quite steamed up so it was difficult to see inside.  Luke banged on the window.


A loud bark made them jump back.  Luke laughed.

“Oh, that made me jump! But I weren’t scared. I’m not scared of dogs.”

He banged on the driver’s door window again.

“Hello! Police! We need the police!”

The window was open a bit at the top so Luke peeped in the gap.

“The policeman’s not in here,” he said, “just the dog.”

The dog didn’t bark again, she just panted.

“She’s really hot,” said Luke, concerned.

Joe remembered a sticker he’d seen on the door of the Co-op.  The boys looked at each other and spoke at the same time.

“Dogs die in hot cars!”

It was an estate car and the dog was in the boot.  She was lying down now, panting really fast, and had white foam around her mouth.  The boys ran around the car trying all the doors and shouting for help. The doors were locked and nobody came.  Both front windows were wound down a little so they held on to the top of the glass and tried to force them down further but they wouldn’t budge.  This frantic activity did at least set off the alarm but still no one came.  Then Luke remembered.

“The golf clubs!”

He grabbed the putters from the ground and handed one to Joe.

“Hit the glass as hard as you can!” he told him.


The story concludes tomorrow 😀 but if you don’t want to wait, you can read it here now 🙂

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