Chickens Are People Just Like Dogs

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chickens are people

Chickens are people

Just like dogs.

They enjoy dust baths

And jumping on logs.

  chickens are people

Chickens will play games

Like ‘chase’ and ‘steal your smalls’.

They’ll splash you in the paddling pool,

Though not keen on fetching balls.

chickens are people

Some of them are gentle, 

Some of them are tough.

Some of them are bossy, 

Some timid and soft as fluff.

  chickens are people

They all have personality

And every one is different.

Just like Rover and Fido and Max

They might be quiet or exuberant.

chickens are people

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6 thoughts on “Chickens Are People Just Like Dogs

  1. I think I’ve told you this before, but I had chickens for years, and had a system of two runs, one that lay fallow, while they grazed the other, each run was planted with tree lucerne, had piles of rotting logs, and was liberally sprinkled with toys (plastic bottle caps were favourites) for the chickens. My chooks were happy, healthy critters, all were chook people, with their own chook persona’s. I loved their constant chook sounds. My cats would mingle with my chooks when i was feeding them, they all respected each other. I miss them (:

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