Great news!

Here is a post I found yesterday on the Mercy for Animals website:
Ontario Legally Recognises Ethical Veganism
“In December, the Ontario Human Rights Commission redefined creed to include non-religious beliefs that like religion, substantially influence a person’s identity, world-view, and way of life. Because ethical veganism is a way of life, it falls under this definition.
So what does this all mean? The code sets guidelines for service providers on respectful treatment and accommodation of people with creed-based requirements. Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, the animal rights group that worked tirelessly to ensure the code was updated, said, “The policy recommends that a person in a hospital facility who has a creed-based need for vegetarian food be provided with appropriate food by the facility.”
Labchuk also noted that the new code protects vegan students from participating in dissections, and vegan employees from wearing work uniforms that contain fur or leather.
We applaud Animal Justice and others who pressed for the updated code, as this truly sets an important precedent.
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