The Viscount’s Lackey

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“The following morning I saw one of the Viscount’s lackeys arrive and try to enter my home – I knew what he was after and tried to get in his way but he walked right through me.  I felt helpless.  Angry and helpless.”

vegan comic for children

“I should have known Donnan would not let him pass.  Even the little grouse did her best to see him off.  The lackey turned tail but I knew he’d be back and that meant my friends wouldn’t be safe.  The Viscount wanted my Indenture.”

vegan comic for children

To be continued …

4 thoughts on “The Viscount’s Lackey

  1. Scottish Aristocracy was no better than their English counterparts and many of them were educated in England – and most of them – even today – still are. All very English sounding “Scottish” Lords with English class distinction attitudes.


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