So how can we get good electricity?

20 thoughts on “So how can we get good electricity?

  1. What a wonderful series, I am really enjoying it, and yes I think we do need to be introduced to thinking in a completely different way. There are kind of other questions involved, like what happens if your better half does not follow these ideas, how to change their way of thinking without wrecking a good marriage, or maybe i am just over-thinking this whole issue. Keep up this wonderful work, best wishes and blessings, Charles.


    • Thanks so much Charles. I don’t think you can over-think it – there is so much to think about. It is a bit overwhelming actually. Perhaps little by little is the way to go. We could start by using less electricity and gradually get used to managing without, bit by bit. It shouldn’t be that hard in the summer when there are so many daylight hours and it’s nice and warm 🙂

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      • Hi Violet, thanks for your interest and concern, I am looking at going onto solar power, the sticking point at the moment is that our roof (and all our neighbors roofs) have asbestos tiles on them, and therefore the companies are refusing to work on them unless we change the tiles, but having costed that it is way more than we can afford. I used to be a vegetarian, but Genevieve persuaded me to stop, though I often eat vegetarian when we go out. I think we will get there slowly, am putting in a veggie patch in the garden.


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