Recommended Reading: Oliver’s Vegetables

Oliver's Vegetables

This is a brilliant short story by Vivian French with gorgeous, vibrant illustrations by Alison Bartlett.

Oliver's Vegetables

Basically, Oliver’s mum has the common problem of not being able to get Oliver to eat his vegetables.  The only one he will eat is potatoes, in the form of chips.

Oliver's Vegetables

But when he goes to stay with Grandpa and Grandma for a week, everything changes.

Oliver's Vegetables

Grandpa tells him he can have chips if he finds the potatoes in the garden, but while he’s searching, if he finds something else, he has to try it.

Oliver's Vegetables

Highly recommended bedtime (or any other time) reading which will make you hungry.

Borrow it from the library or get your own copy 😀

8 thoughts on “Recommended Reading: Oliver’s Vegetables

  1. I read this book to a group of nursery school children (I work in schools) just a month ago! We were teaching them all where vegetables come from and they loved it.
    Ah, wish I was back at that Primary school now.


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