We Must Speak Even Louder

Shout louder and don’t stop shouting!

Walking with the Alligators


Wild Orcas as they were meant to be,  free and Hunting in the Norwegian Sea.

Picture credit: Wolfgang Hägele

Yesterday in California,  more than a million voices, via their signatures on a petition, were  raised up against the continuing captivity of Orcas at Sea World San Diego, but they simply could not compete with those of the owners,  the local city Governments, or the faithful lobbyists who work so tirelessly on behalf of their clients.

What was at stake was the fate of the Orcas at Sea World facilities and their questionable safety and treatment.

Animal rights activists came from everywhere,  along with parents, teachers and children to show their support for the 

Bill AB2140 by  Democrat Richard Bloom of  Santa Monica,   who was apparently influenced by the highly popular and  widely publicized film,   Blackfish.

It is reported that the Sea World lobbyist is Scott Wetch.

Naomi Rose, who is a marine mammal scientist…

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4 thoughts on “We Must Speak Even Louder

  1. Oh I definitely agree Violet – profit is their only motive I think … it certainly isn’t animal welfare! Sorry, I should have explained in my earlier comment 🙂 WDC is the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity – this is their web page with more on the Richard Branson/Seaworld campaign … http://uk.whales.org/campaigns/stop-selling-trips-to-seaworld-sir-richard
    They do a lot of campaigning to protect various individual species and their environments.


  2. Thanks for posting this (sad) news Violet 😐 I agree we must fight on – try and persuade as many people as possible that abusing animals in this way should not be considered ‘entertainment’. I had an email last week from WDC to say Richard Branson is responding to their captive orca campaign and is setting up “an ‘engagement process’ bringing together conservationists, scientists, aquaria, the public and the tourism industry to evaluate the future for whale and dolphin captivity.” Whales just won that landmark victory in the International Court the other week – if enough people work together I really believe we can make a difference.


    • Absolutely. It’s inevitable that this kind of backward ‘entertainment’ must come to an end, and I think those who profit from it know that so they are hanging on like grim death for as long as they can. Thanks for the info, I’ll look into that. What’s WDC?


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