6 thoughts on “Venus Aqueous demands:

  1. Just signed the petition. I watched Blackfish- it was so heart-breaking. Lets hope that for these orcas and for all other animals in captivity that one day very soon it becomes history.


  2. I am hopeful it will be great news for any wild creatures that are used to ‘entertain’ people if it is successful in California – SeaWorld is a really big operator. There was another campaign I was supporting recently for orcas, from Whale and Dolphin Conservation that you may be interested in too. They were trying to persuade Richard Branson to cut ties between Virgin Holidays and Sea World. This is Cathy Williamson’s blog post (from WDC) on the progress so far with their campaign. http://uk.whales.org/blog/cathywilliamson/2014/03/richard-bransons-pledge-on-captive-whales-and-dolphins


  3. Did you see the Sum Of Us campaign to make it illegal to keep orcas in captivity, Violet?

    ” In a surprise move, a Californian assemblyman has just introduced a law to make it illegal to keep orcas in captivity. This could change everything — but SeaWorld is already mounting a vicious campaign to defeat this assemblyman’s brave move. We need to tell the State of California that the public won’t accept SeaWorld’s imprisonment of orcas any longer.
    California: Enact the Orca Welfare and Safety Act to stop SeaWorld’s imprisonment and torture of whales now.”
    Over 968,000 people have supported this campaign so far but they are trying to get to 1 million before it goes to the California Assembly.


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