Kirk and Crew Save The Whales!

Star Trek IV:  The Voyage Home – the best Star Trek movie ever!  We love this film and watched it again last night.  If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, you should watch it at your first opportunity and witness Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura and Sulu go back in time in a Klingon vessel (complete with cloaking device) to save the whales.  In spite of its serious message it is full of humour and is a fast-paced, entertaining, well-told story.  Highly, highly recommended 😀

Blackfish Review


We’ve just watched the fantastic documentary Blackfish and had to recommend it to everyone!  The film is shocking, moving and heart-breaking but don’t be afraid to watch it because it leaves you with a positive feeling.  A feeling that things are changing. That people are waking up to the truth that keeping animals in captivity is simply wrong.  That the lies of big companies like SeaWorld are being seen through.  Since they are dependent on being able to dupe the public into believing that their performing animals are happy in order to sell tickets, that means time is running out for them.

We are full of admiration for the people who made this film and for the many former SeaWorld trainers who spoke frankly about their own experiences there and the dishonesty of the company they worked for which of course puts money ahead of the welfare of their whales and their trainers.

Please watch this film and share it far and wide.  Knowledge is power and the more people have this knowledge, the more power we’ll have collectively to close these types of places.  SeaWorld needs bums on seats.  Let’s persuade all bums to sit elsewhere!