The Car Free City Project


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The city council of Hamburg (Germany) has plans to divert most of its cars away  from the city’s main thoroughfares in twenty years.

The city is planning to lay out new green areas that will bridge existing parks, community gardens, and cemeteries with another. The  aim is to bring together the outer skirts of Hamburg and allow pedestrians and cyclists to reach every area of the city by foot.

When the project is completed 40% of Hamburg will be green places. In this large area residents will be able to hike, swim, do water sports, enjoy picnics and  restaurants, experience calm, and watch nature and wildlife right in the  city.

How does it get any better and what else is possible?!

~ Patricia

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4 thoughts on “The Car Free City Project

  1. I remember seeing a UK experiment about 10 years ago in which they turfed a suburban road. Only 30 houses or so. After a week the local residents were using the road as a park…. deck chairs, kids playing footie, etc. People will make good use of redefined space, given the opportunity.


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