Write a letter to Raystede

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Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare was started in the 1950s by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins, a woman who was devoted not only to the animals who came her way and needed help, but also to striving through education for a future where sanctuaries like hers would no longer be needed because society had learned to treat all animals with kindness.

Describing herself as a ‘non-meat eater’ (the word vegan is relatively new to the English language), in her book Sensible Pets and Silly People she wrote

“My own view, and that of every decent minded person, is that no animal should be caused to suffer at all for any reason.”

Sadly she died in 1998 and Raystede, now under the control of others, is serving meat, fish, eggs and dairy in their cafe.  She would never have allowed that.

They use her name and reputation to promote their cause while at the same time betraying her and the animals she loved so dearly without exception.

Please sign this petition and write to Raystede (or phone them or email them) once a week and ask them politely to use their influence for good.  Thanks to Miss Raymonde-Hawkins they are an extremely reputable and respectable organisation which could be such a good influence for the animals’ sake …..

….. if they made their cafe vegan.

As long as they serve meat, fish, eggs and dairy in their cafe they are paying for unspeakable cruelty and encouraging their supporters to do the same.

This is an appeal to everyone, of all ages, wherever you live.  If you can pick up a pencil you can do this.  If we all do it, they’ll have to listen!

Thank you 😀


Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

The Broyle,


East Sussex,

BN8 5AJ,


Tel:  (01825) 840252

e:  info@raystede.org

They’ll probably ignore you at first.  Or if they respond they’ll try to fob you off with excuses like “we don’t serve the meat of any of the species we’ve rescued” or “all the food we serve comes from free-range farms”.


Week in and week out until it’s done!


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