For Teens and up

Scroll down and choose a story from the shelf.  Pick and click! 

vegan graphic novel
Dark satirical graphic novel about the animals’ revolt, among other things.
Graphic novel about a laboratory beagle’s escape, in his own words.
vegan horror poem
Horror poem
vegan short story for Halloween
Short story for Halloween


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Violet’s Vegan Comics creates funny, enlightening and sometimes action packed vegan children’s books for readers of all ages.

Established 2012

18 thoughts on “For Teens and up

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  2. These are ridiculously awesome, and remind me very much of the comics my sister and I used to draw in high school. Among them was “The Revenge of the Oxen” our story about how the oxen were the real heroes of the Oregon Trail (the journey the early American settlers took out west). Hehehe, Rock on!!


  3. Wow this is stupendous, all those layers, all that colour and drawing, lots of fun, but again, such a necessary topic so cleverly covered. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


  4. Your blog and e-books are big help for me to learn English!
    For me, even a child book is sometime difficult to understand…..but I will study hard and enjoy reading in English!
    I also like your pretty pictures. Thank yyou!


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