Venus Aqueous #1: Listen

Click here for Episode 2: Priorities 


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Venus Aqueous:  Beginnings – the first four episodes

copyright 2013


Venus Aqueous is a vegan comic for children made by Violet’s Vegan Comics

Copyright 2013


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27 thoughts on “Venus Aqueous #1: Listen

  1. What a wonderful story 😀 Venus is a beautiful character. It is wonderful to see a character with super powers directed toward animals, that’s very interesting and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this story 🙂

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  2. This is a great story 😀 I really love the artistic style and the fun sense of humour in this story. It’s great to have a cool underwater superhero.
    I like that she is saving wild creatures, because superheroes are usually limited to rescuing helpless women (stereotypes) who are being held hostage or something by the mellow dramatic villains. Animals usually get over looked which is odd because they are usually in peril of one sort or another.
    The only other time I think I’ve seen this sort of focus on the importance of rescuing non human animals is in Star Trek 4, which I think is a brilliant film. Venus Aqueous is a brilliant story and I look forward to reading the rest of the series 😀

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